Matterdale Community Association

The Matterdale Community Association (MCA) is a charity (Charity No 1151528) which has been set up to promote social, recreational and educational activities for the benefit of the Matterdale community, and to provide educational activities and grants to young people. It hopes, in due course, to be able to establish a community centre, which will be the focus of community and educational activities.

The Association currently has eleven Trustees and 99 members. The Trustees are:

  • Emma Bray
  • Paul Chapman
  • Brian Clark
  • Peter Crofts
  • Paul Goodman
  • Veronica Gore (Chair)
  • Jane Newport (Secretary)
  • Mark Nixon (Treasurer)
  • John O'Neil
  • Monika Rurys
  • Lucie Stockdale.

MCA Trustees and Members organised a range of activities during the summer 2016 which took place, in the absence at the moment of an "actual" centre, in a marquee, the "virtual" village hall, at the Royal Hotel in Dockray.  Following a very successful season the activities are continuing - all events will advertised on this web site.

If you would like to know more about the Matterdale Community Association, or you would like to show support by becoming a member, please contact the MCA Secretary by our contact form.